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Capella Leather Desktop Set Black 2 Pieces Wooden Detailed

399.90 TL

The product's leather surface and wooden details are made from high-quality materials. Its durable structure ensures long-lasting use. Thanks to its elegant and modern design, it complements any decoration style. This aesthetically appealing desktop set adds sophistication to both home and office environments.

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Product Description

Product Information

The Capella black leather desktop set, designed with a modern and minimalist approach, is made from high-quality synthetic leather. It combines the elegance of high-quality leather material with an oval-edged wooden frame, and seamless craftsmanship achieved through modern technology. This 2-piece office accessory set enhances your workspace, boosts productivity, and adds a professional touch to your environment.

Technical Specifications

The Capella minimalist desktop set is crafted with a focus on minimalism, featuring wooden details and high-quality synthetic leather. The set includes the following pieces:

  1. Leather pen holder
  2. Leather business card holder
  • The Capella leather desktop set helps you declutter your workspace effectively. The leather pen holder keeps your pens organized, while the leather business card holder provides a convenient place for small items like paper clips. The additional compartment for business cards, ensures that you have notepaper readily available when you need to jot down important information.
  • It enhances your efficiency and productivity during work hours. The combination of leather covering seamlessly attached to an oval-edged wooden frame through skilled craftsmanship and modern technology ensures the set provides the organization you need to increase your work energy and achieve a professional appearance. The Capella desktop set is often chosen as an excellent office gift, a new job present, or a special gift for important occasions.
  • By combining the desktop set with other desktop accessories, such as desk pads and document holders, you can strengthen the presence of your desktop set. Additionally, adding a personalized leather desk nameplate can give it a unique touch and make it a special personalized gift.
  • Capella Black Leather Desktop Set: Comprising high-quality leather-covered components skillfully attached to an oval-edged wooden frame through advanced industrial technology, this set includes a leather business card holder and leather pen holder. The Capella black leather desktop set helps you declutter your workspace effectively.

Cleaning and Usage Advice

  • You can easily clean all the parts of the Capella black leather desktop set with a damp cloth. Desk sets made from high-quality leather material are durable. Avoid using strong and abrasive chemicals when wiping.
  • By adhering to our modern and minimalist design approach and following the latest trends, we produce first-class materials to create a new generation of desk nameplates, desk pads, office accessories, desktop sets, and many other office supplies. All Turgut Office products are manufactured using high-tech industry and professional craftsmanship. You can add this product to your shopping cart and complete the ordering process to become the owner of the 2-piece Capella Black Leather Desktop Set with Wooden Details.
  • With the Capella black leather desktop set, bring order to your desk: In your office, the leather desktop set complements your furniture, presenting a professional and elegant look to visitors, while also contributing positively to the organization of your desk and facilitating daily tasks. Desktop sets provide a professional appearance in your office. Leather desktop sets are essential for professionals as they help organize and enhance work efficiency.
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