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Roma Black Leather Desktop Set 4 Pieces

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Roma black leather desktop set, 4-piece office accessory is a leather desktop kit to help eliminate the clutter of your desktop

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Product Description

Product Information

  • The Roma Black Leather Desktop Set 4 Pieces combines modern and minimalist design, high-quality leather, complete wood leather with oval edges, modern technology, seamless hand-made construction to give you the layout you need at your desk, allowing you to increase your working energy and get professional look.

Technicial Specifications

 The Roma Black Leather Desktop Set is made of premium artificial leather with a minimalist design concept. The desktop set parts are listed in detail below:

1.Leather paper rack
2.Leather cardholder
3.Leather note holder
4.Leather penholder


  • The Roma leather desktop set helps you avoid the clutter of your desktop. The leather penholder determines where your pencils stand.You can also store small parts in the leather business card. Another product on the set is noteholder too. It increases your practice and efficiency during working hours. You can keep your daily in-and-out documents in the flip-top document rack, while its cover design keeps your documents safe from potential dust, contamination, appearance, and so on, while minimizing the clutter of your desktop.


  • The table set is produced by covering the leather on a wooden frame with ovalized edges and combining seamless handcraft with modern technology.Providing the layout you need at your desk, allowing you to increase your working energy and create a professional look. The Rome desktop set is a great office gift, a new business gift and a very special gift for special occasions.


  • By creating combin with desktop sets, other desktop accessories, you can strengthen the presence of your desktop set. With table snot and paper shelves, you can add a leather desktop name badge to your highly efficient and professional desktop set for a personalized look, while choosing as a personalized gift.
  • Roma Black Leather Desktop Set: It consists of a quality leather covered leather document shelf, business card holder, notepad and pen parts on a wooden frame with ovalized edges with the help of high technology industry. Roma black leather desktop set helps you get rid of your desk clutter.



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Cleaning and Handling Advice

  • The document shelf is easy to clean with a damp cloth. The 4-piece Desktop Set made of premium leather material Roman Black Leather cover document shelf has a long life. Avoid using strong and abrasive chemicals to wipe.
  • With its modern and minimalist design, we are building a new generation of contemporary trends based on our production principle, producing first-class materials and next-generation table naming, leather desk sets, office accessories, desktop sets and more. All Turgut Office products are produced by the high-tech industry and professional hand labor used today. Add this product to your shopping cart now to complete the order steps and start the manufacturing process to get the Roma Black Leather Desktop Set 4 Pieces 
  • Maintain order on your desk with the Roma black leather desktop set: While offering a professional and stylish look to those who visit you in your office, with the leather desktop set that matches your furniture on your desk in your office, it makes a positive contribution to both keeping your desk organized and facilitating your daily work. Desktop sets provide a professional look in your office. Leather table top sets are indispensable for professionals as they make your workflow organized and efficient.

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