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Leather Office Accessories Desk Sets and Desk Name Holder Models

In every office that can express itself in comfortable and functional spaces, some special desk set or office accessories are indispensable. Anyone who designs an office knows very well that the presence of certain accessories is necessary when organizing their daily work. At Turgut Office, you can find all the office accessories that you will want at your disposal, which make your work easier and also increase your work performance.

Desk Nameplate Options
The desk name holder is among the office accessories that can be easily placed on the desk. The desktop badge allows you to define your name and occupation. You can also use the table name tag at the reception, meeting tables or to give information about the opening and closing of a safe.

You can choose from our table name tag category, among the table names we offer you in various models.

Leather Desk Nameplate
Personalize your office with an elegant leather desk nameplate.! Your leather nameplate will be delivered to you, customized with details, your name will be engraved with a flawless laser. If you want to add a stylish and minimalistic atmosphere to your office, take a look at our leather table nameplate options!

Wooden Desk Name Holder
You can display your name in a stylish way with the wooden table name tag. We offer different designs to your liking so that you can choose the most suitable wooden name tag for your office. Order your name tag today and show your guests your name and title!

Crystal Desk Name Holder
The crystal desktop nameplate can be the perfect choice for your office desk. We deliver your name and title with a laser on the plate. You can buy crystal table name holders with world, Turkey map, Ottoman monogram and clock for your office. In addition, crystal name tags are the perfect gift option for friends and family who are promoted and set up their new office.

Organizer Desk Name Holder
Organizer name holders consist of useful desktop office accessories where you can put two signature pens, notepad, name section, business cards and paper clips. As with all our desktop nameplates, we deliver it to you in the font you prefer, by adding your name and title to the nameplate.

Marble Desk Nameplate
The marble table name holder adds an artistic bright and elegant look to your office design. The simple design emphasizes the beauty of durable stone. This feature gives the marble table name holders the feature of being a great gift.

Table Top Desk Name Holder Sets
Desktop name holder sets are the perfect set for your desk with pen holder, card holder, note holder, leather mouse pad and table name holder. We offer you the elegant accessory set specially to add style and charm to any table with masterful craftsmanship and material quality. If you like the combination of modern and classic designs, it will be the perfect choice for you.

Door Nameplate
Whether it's your home, shop or office, the door name tag welcomes your guests first. For this reason, it is important that the door nameplate is in the color and font that reflects you. You can buy it by choosing the font option that suits you among our nameplate models.


Desk Set Options
The desk is a widely used accessory in offices, with its practicality and ability to protect the desk from scratches and impacts, while adding a classic look to your office desk. This accessory can give your office desk an elegant look.

When you buy our team; You will receive it together with the table desk with cover, nameplate with pen, pen holder, horizontal pen holder, phone holder, cube note holder, business card holder, coaster, document rack, Turkish flag for the table, your company's flag, leather note holder, leather magazine holder. You can choose the one that is suitable for your office desk among stand-alone desk models and desk sets.


Leather Desk Sets
Comfort at work is very important. With leather desk accessories, you will not only add elegance to your office, but also make your workspace comfortable and safe. You can add a vintage atmosphere to your table thanks to the soft leather desk pad. You can also keep your work area organized with the other pieces of the desk set. All of our products are handcrafted and produced with care to the smallest detail. If you are looking for a unique leather desk set for you, you can evaluate the color options.

Wooden Desk Sets
Wooden desk sets are the most preferred desktop sets in offices. These desktop sets add a stylish look to office desks with the combination of leather and wood materials. If you are looking for a wooden desk set suitable for your office design. In this category, you will definitely find a set that you will like.

Luxury Desk Sets
If your office has a luxurious design, you can complete it with a luxury desk set. The entire set is finished with stylish materials for a modern flair on genuine leather.

Table Pads and Mats
Table pads and desk pads with a minimalist design are produced with special techniques and are completely handcrafted.