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Black Leather Pen Holder with Chrome Details

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Product Description

Product Information

Desktop Small Chrome Detailed Pencil Holder Black: Modern and minimalist design, high-quality leather material, high-tech, made with flawless resolution laser excavation and all professional hand labor.

Technicial Specifications

  • Small black pen holder, small size, suitable for desktop use, with a minimalist design approach, is produced from high quality artificial leather with chrome details. Desktop pen holder helps you get rid of your desktop clutter. The leather pen holder determines where your pens will sit.

  • It increases your practicality and efficiency during working hours. The pen holder, which is produced by covering one piece of leather on an ovalized wooden frame and combining seamless handcraft with modern technology, provides the order you need on your desk, allowing you to increase your working energy and gain a professional look. Desktop pen holder is preferred as a perfect office gift, new business gift and a very special gift for special occasions.

  • You can strengthen the presence of your desktop set by combining pen holders with other desktop accessories. You can create a personalized look by adding a leather nameplate to your desktop set, which you can maximize in efficiency and professionalism with the desk pad and document shelves, and you can also choose it as a personalized gift.

  • Chrome Detailed Black Leather Desktop Small Pen Holder can be a part of our desktop set or can be purchased individually.

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Cleaning and Handling Advice


  • You can easily clean the pen holder with a damp cloth. Made of quality leather material, the Desktop Small Chrome Detailed Pencil Holder Black is long-lasting. Avoid using strong and abrasive chemicals for wiping.


  • With its modern and minimalist design, we are building a new generation of contemporary trends based on our production principle, producing first-class materials and next-generation table naming, leather desk sets, office accessories, desktop sets and more. All Turgut Office products are produced by the high-tech industry and professional hand labor used today. Add this product to your shopping cart now to complete the order steps and start the manufacturing process to get the Desktop Small Chrome Detailed Pencil Holder Black.


  • Protect your desks with the Desktop Small Chrome Detailed Pencil Holder Black: Present your business cards to your visitors with the Desktop Small Chrome Detailed Pencil Holder Black that matches your furniture on your desk in your office.


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Return and Exchange Information

How Do I Return?

For returns and exchanges, you can contact us at info@turgutoffice.com and request exchange and refund. The product you will return must be undamaged, unused and not damaged as a result of misuse. If products reach us in a used, worn condition, we may have to send them back to you. In this case, no refund will be made. You must return the product/products you want to return with all accessories and original box and invoice. Shipping costs for returns and exchanges belong to our customer.

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